Current Research

Main current fields of interest:

      The study of non-convex optimization problems: from the existence of solutions to the use of the Relaxation method to describe the asymptotic behaviour of the minimizing sequences, the so-called relaxed functional plays a prominent role on this regard. With special interest in studying the consequences of the lack of (convexity or quasiconvexity) weak lower semicontinuity and coercivity (superlinear growth condition) of the function to be minimized. A non minor interest relies on generalized conjugation schemes for single and set-valued maps, together with its main implications in Optimization theory.
  • Optimization theory: existence, strong duality, first and second order optimality conditions, duality theory.
  • Convex analysis and first and second order asymptotic analysis in convex and quasi-convex optimization,
  • Calculus of Variations without convexity or coercivity