Editorial Responsability

  • Associate Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications (WoS/ISI Journal, Springer-Verlag Publications ) since January 2011. http://www.springer.com/mathematics/journal/10957

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  • TOP, An Official Journal of the Spanish Society of Statistics and Operations Research (ISI Journal, Springer Publications) since January 2017.

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Minimax Theory and its Applications (WoS/ISI Journal, Heldermann Verlag) since February 2014. http://www.heldermann.de/MTA/mtacover.htm

  • Communications in Optimization Theory (COT) (Mathematical Research Press, London, UK) since April 2012. http://cot.mathres.org

  • Member of the Editorial Board of Communications in Optimization Theory (COT) (Science and Knowledge Publishing Corporation Limited, SCIK) since April 2012 to December 2015. http://scik.org/index.php/cot

  • Journal of Nonlinear and Variational Analysis (JNVA) (Biemdas Academic Publishers Inc., Alberta, Canada) since December 2016. http://jnva.biemdas.com

  • Associate Member of the Editorial Board of International Journal of Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications (IJOTMA) (Global Information Publisher, GIP) since January 2009 to December 2015. http://www.gip.hk/ijotma/
  • Member of the Editorial Advisory Board of The Open Mathematics Journal (Bentham Science Publishers) since November 2007.
  • Member of the Editorial Committee of the Journal Notas de Matemática, a publication of the Sociedad de Matemática de Chile, January 2001 - December 2005.